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Diploma Istruttore d i Vela

Marco - The skipper


A life on a sailing boat

Florentine by birth, the skipper Marco Maleci starts at the age of 5. Intrigued by fishing and fishermen  begins to take an interest in sailing boats . After moving with his family to Rosignano he approaches real sailing with small dinghies. Consequently he arrives at windsurfing, a newborn sport unknown to many at the time. In the end, not finding the equipment, he decides with his friends to build himself a surfboard and so on.
Then at the age of 15 he was invited by Romolo Catarsi (owner of Cantieri Calafuria) to try the catamaran, the fastest sail at the time. As a 20-year-old he participates with his father in the RAI program "Sea to be saved", created to sensitize Italians at the end of the 70s to respect for the sea. In this transmission, the two, diving into the Tuscan waters, find shipwrecks from the Spanish era, amphorae and various artifacts, showing underwater films never seen on television.


The skipper's job

The sea and the profession of skipper became the main activity of his family between '79 and '81. Sail with his father in the Sardinian seas in search of coral. a real school of life. Certainly the sea teaches the young Marco to perceive the marine weather and consequently understand the signs of the changing weather. Likewise, of the storm that arrives.
Certainly there are many difficult situations in which he finds himself. Now the sea runs through his veins. It certainly accompanies you in life with its philosophy. Skilled fisherman, skipper and patented diver, expert connoisseur of the Tuscan archipelago of Corsica. Finally, an expert cook. Basically with an imperturbable soul, in the same way Marco will be able to instill a passion for the sea.

On board his beloved LizaToo you will experience the taste of eating freshly caught fish. And during diving and snorkeling, you will find yourself in front of the beauty of the seabed of the Tuscan Archipelago.  

Holidays on a sailing boat to remember , for the whole family.

Northern Corsica  -  Southern Corsica  -  Elba Island and Capraia

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