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Sailing clothing


Summer clothing and some sweatshirts

On the boat in the summer you only need swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts or sarongs.
Everything else will stay in the bag! Remember that even in the height of summer, a downpour can always come; the fresh wind is always there and the air in the evening can be a bit humid. So don't forget a sweatshirt, a jacket that protects from the wind, a thin fleece (if it gets wet it dries in an instant!) And a pair of long trousers.

Comfortable sandals and shoes

Usually you live barefoot on a boat, even if for navigations in strong winds or participating in maneuvers or when you go to the bow to maneuver with the anchor winch, we recommend the use of sandals with light rubber soles or shoes tennis shoes (antique type) of canvas. To go ashore, flip flops or ordinary slippers are enough, everything else will remain unused, sandals are essential for excursions on the rocks.

Clothing for the night

In the summer period sheets and pillow cases are enough (if you don't want to bring them from home, we will provide them). Pillows and blankets are already on board. For spring cruises (April / May), for those who are more cold, it is advisable to bring a sleeping bag or blanket to support the one on board.

Towels and washcloths

For stowage reasons, there are no towels on board, so make sure you have to bring the towels you need from home, honeycomb or microfiber ones are recommended, but common ones are fine too.

Accessories and personal items

Medicines and remedies

We have a small pharmacy on board, but don't forget, a case of ammonia to treat burns caused by any encounters with jellyfish. If you suffer from seasickness, in addition to the various pharmacological remedies, the most efficient is Xamamina to be taken 3 minutes before departure.

Sunglasses and protective creams

The light in the boat is reflected by light colors such as the white of the boat and the sails, so do not forget: a pair of possibly polarized sunglasses and protective creams (which are not oil-based).

Snorkeling equipment

What better place than the boat to keep masks and fins and practice snorkeling. On board you can find some masks and fins, but for the size and quantity it is advisable to bring your own equipment. There is no space on board and refill for ARA cylinders, but each island has its own diving center. We also keep a SUP and a Canoe available for our guests to move freely on the coast while the boat is in the harbor and enjoy the wonderful seabed that surrounds us.

Mobile device charger

To charge mobile phones and tablets, we recommend that you bring your own cable, we have everything you need on board for recharging.  

Phon and plates

It is possible to bring the hairdryer if you wish, but know that its use can only take place when we are moored in the port.


On a sailing boat you can take wonderful photos, the digital camera is recommended, perhaps at the weekend, if you remember to bring a USB pen drive key or a card, we can exchange photos of the best moments.

What will be useless on the boat

Electronics on board

Our boat is very well equipped in this regard, on board we are equipped with a stereo system that reads all CD formats and, thanks to the jack socket, even mp3 and Ipod players, PCs, phones and battery chargers can be charged like at home, thanks to the on-board inverter with 220 volt current.


Long or elegant clothing

Often people bring many pairs of long trousers, a jacket and tie, many shoes: all things that punctually remain in the bag unused.

Beach games

All beach toys such as beach rackets, bucket and spade and mats, as well as being very bulky, are often forgotten in the hold .

More than one piece of luggage per person

Since the stowage space is very limited, consider what to bring and carefully choose the essentials. Only one piece of luggage per person is recommended.

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