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 Coronavirus Policy 

Carefree sailing holidays

Coronavirus boat holidays: we are constantly monitoring the health situation (COVID-19) because we understand the uncertainty that this unexpected pandemic is causing in the bookings and planning of summer cruises.

We want to remind you that there is nothing safer than one  sailing holiday .

No queues or gatherings: it will be only you in the company of your loved ones and the sea!

Stays on board a boat undoubtedly represent the best alternative to a summer stay within the four walls of a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast.

If during the entire lockdown in Italy the ordinance hashtag was #iorestoacasa, the best hashtag for the summer holidays is undoubtedly #iorestoinbarca!

The sailboat guarantees distance and safety

Safety is not the only reason for choosing to spend your sailing holidays. Life on board our boat passes between a swim in the sea and a sunset  while in absolute safety and isolated from life on earth you can be with your family and friends, without having to wear latex masks and gloves. On the other hand, at home with your family you certainly don't wear them. No?

Ozone generator installed on board

To further guarantee the health safety of our guests and to raise the levels of cleaning and sanitation of the surfaces, both during the cruise and between one week and the next, we have decided to install an OZONE GENERATOR on our boat. This precious tool capable of eliminating 99.9% of viruses or bacterial load that could be deposited on the elements  it is mainly used in hospitals and surgical rooms and is able to remove bacteria, molds and viruses by saturating the environments by generating ozone as needed.

Health safety on board without price increase

In addition to guaranteeing the highest health safety standards to combat coronavirus infections, we inform you that we will make this important sanitation tool available to you WITHOUT ANY KIND OF INCREASE OR SURCHARGE, just to make you enjoy your holiday in absolute safety and without worries.

Furthermore, if 15 days before boarding there are still travel restrictions (due to covid) that prevent you from reaching the port of embarkation, we guarantee that you will be refunded 100%! Contact us to check availability.


Safe sailing cruises

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