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Our boat "Lizatoo"

Sailing holidays in the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica

Our Association organizes daily educational boat trips, or if you have a few days available and want to spend a weekend different from the usual, this is the right proposal to take a tour of the Tuscan Archipelago and Northern Corsica in case the days available are at least seven.

Usually the cruises begin with boarding in Cala de 'Medici in Rosignano, usually in the evening, we spend the night in the port and leave the next day at dawn.   

Liza Too is our sailboat. 14.80 meters long, with 8 beds divided into 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms with shower allow you to experience the  family cruise  and your closest friends in absolute comfort. Likewise the cabins are equipped with all comforts.
Noteworthy: The Liza Too sailboat was built in the French shipyard Beneteau. One of the best charter boat manufacturers.


Like being at home

It may happen that you want to make one  cruise on a sailing boat , but to get stuck by the idea that, perhaps, they may lack the comforts of home. If you choose our Liza Too, you won't have to worry about a thing. Inside you will find all the most useful amenities, including the kitchen, the oven, the fridge.

For music lovers, do not worry. A stereo with external speakers will consequently allow music to be heard throughout the boat. Certainly the boat is characterized by the best safety equipment on the market. So the first aid kit, the life raft and the life jackets, the torch, the emergency lights are just some of the items you will find on board.

Finally, Liza Too is already equipped with all the useful instruments for navigation (ie GPS, compass, VHF radio, autopilot, electronic naval maps).

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